Leather Jackets


SEVENFRIDAY continue to prove their credentials as a luxury lifestyle brand that make great watches, instead of being like some notable others, just a watch brand that knocks out the occasional bit of merch. Their latest must have offering is another collaboration with the neon paint slinging artist Rocketbyz by Tomyboy, this time using the supple leather of SUSUDIO as his canvas. It’s a jacket that segues stylishly between art and fashion, cementing that lifestyle status for SEVENFRIDAY, who refuse to be tied down to anyone’s category.

The expertly constructed and exquisitely cut jackets from SUSUDIO, are adorned with 23 different urban inspired designs from Rocketbyz. The fields of human artistry, from design, to music, to pop culture are celebrated in the hand painted messages and images. Homages to original thinkers and original thoughts are depicted with vibrant colors and technical skill.

Essentially its exactly the kind of thing you expect from the peeps over at SEVENFRIDAY, which is to say, something most of us don’t have the imagination to expect!

18 of the 23 different looks are available here at Watch Anish Boutique (while 3 are up for grabs at the SEVENFRIDAY Hong Kong pop up)